$400 plus GST Per Month (Paid monthly over 3 months)


This course is best suited for business owners who have either dabbled in live video now and then or maybe never even done a single video before—be it live or edited video. 


Perhaps you are not sure how to film or what to film, and it’s all been a bit daunting and confusing. Under Alyssa’s guidance, you will work on becoming confident and comfortable on video while learning how to roll out content on a regular fortnightly basis. 


Over 12 weeks, you get weekly coaching one on one video sessions to keep you motivated and accountable.

Every other week an edit will be created for you to share out the following Tuesday. Our edits are created in professional editing software using text, graphics, transitions, and cutting your footage as needed to create an engaging look and tone for your viewer to enjoy. 


Loaded with…

*One-on-one weekly video creative sessions to talk over the steps of filming yourself

6 Professional edits over the 3 months. 

*Weekly videos with tips and tricks to improve the video, images, and branding of your business using DIY skills and techniques  

Set up a free 20 min chat with Alyssa to discover if this is for you - CONTACT


How does it work?


At the beginning of each week, we will talk about techniques, skills, and practice on how to film yourself.

After the meeting, I will follow up with an email that includes the weekly task and summarizes what we covered. 

Each Friday fortnight, you will send me the footage/task required for my review.

If it’s an editing week, the footage will be edited and the video sent for you to review and sign off by Monday so it can be ready to share out each Tuesday.

On the weeks we don't catch up you will be sent emails with task and follows up and asked to communicate any issues over persona messenger. 

$400 plus GST Per Month (Paid monthly over 3 months)


Any questions use our chat box below! 



Video is how people meet us, learn about us, connect or disconnect, and make a decision on if we are fit for them. 

When we use video to talk, connect, share stories, be real, be relatable and human, people relate to it and want more, video is a long game as far as conversions can take time but one that is effective and even powerful in the long run.

Once you start learning how to film your business content from your phone you will start to love it and want to make it part of your weekly business marketing.


We believe a combination of live video, edited engaging videos you have shot DIY, Image post, and shares along with a professional agency shot video every 3- 6 months is the most effective way to show up as a leader in your businesses. 

it about CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT - don't disappear from the noise online stand out with content and especially real connection through video. 


Want all the best tips and tricks for DIY content creation for your business? Add your email here and we will send you one video tips and tricks edit a week. No strings attached :)  

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