Social Queen/King 


As a social queen/king, you post often, do live videos with no issues, and have maybe learned how to do your own editing. But you know it’s not polished or professional-looking, and you would love someone else to do the editing for you and help with more ideas on what to film. 


You are ready to step up as a leader, be the face of your business, and push out one edit a week.


Your goals include having clear branding, wanting to create content for launches, events, products or services, teaching people, sharing things, telling stories, and educating. You are ready to be a leader in your business, and you are already on your way.


You would love to speak to someone about out of the box ideas for weekly edits and get help with ideas and concepts to support the weekly and monthly goals ahead. 


Over 12 weeks, you get 6 weeks of video coaching calls and given tasks to submit each week.

Each week an edit will be created for you to share out the following Tuesday.

HOW GOOD! Regular content and help on what to create for a change instead of racking your own brain on what to share next.


Loaded with…

*One-on-one weekly video creative sessions for the first 6 weeks Learn from an expert videographer and creative director on how to film and step through 12 styles.

$600 plus GST  per Month (Paid monthly over 3 months)


How does it work?


At the beginning of each week, we will share wins from the previous week and any upcoming events. We’ll then talk about the week ahead and the strategies and edit style we are working on. 

After the meeting, I will follow up with an email listing what we covered, our focus for the week, the topic for the edit, and what footage is required for the edit ahead. 

Each Friday morning, you will send me the footage/task required for my review. By Monday, the edit will be sent for your review and sign off and returned with any changes in time for you to release Tuesday. 



Week 1

-Learning about you and your business. 

-Chat to Camera and B-roll versus cutaways 

-You film your first Chat to Camera and show the locations you can currently film in your business, home, and office


Week 2

-Review locations

-Release the first edit out to your followers to tell your story and your why (or another story) to connect and be real and raw

-Weekly catch-up and talk about topics for the week ahead

-Creating B-roll and Chat to Camera

-Learn how to create a great voice over vocals for videos and podcast, and how to deliver naturally on live videos

-What your live videos are missing now.

And then 10x more weeks of learning and growing with video, techniques, and styles.


Video for marketing in business—do I really need videos to sell?


Video is how people meet us, learn about us, connect or disconnect, and make a decision on if we are a good fit for them. 


When we use video to talk, connect, share stories, be real, and be relatable and human, people relate to it and want more. Video is a long game, but one that is effective over time. Once you start learning how to do it yourself, you can make this a weekly part of your marketing plan. It’s not about direct sales; it’s about showing up and being a leader. It is about making sure if anyone needs your services or products that people think of you and they tag, refer, and follow you long after the video is over. Over time, trust is established through the videos and, whatever is happening in their own lives, they commit to you and become a client or customer. This can take weeks or months even years, so never stop showing up on video—they are watching you!


CONTACT Alyssa for my free 20 min creative session.


For the DIY clients who love doing weekly edits but also need agency-level professional film production and professional cameras, drone the whole thing.


If you are ready for a high-end film production shoot, you are going to need an in-person director and creative director on set. And who better to use than your coach Alyssa? Not only have you built a great relationship with her, but she knows your business, your goals, and your audience, too! 


Want all the best tips and tricks for DIY content creation for your business? Add your email here and we will send you one video tips and tricks edit a week. No strings attached :)  

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