Angry Chicken Media Online Academy

HOW GOOD! Finally, someone to talk to you through all areas of video, what to use, how to film, how to build confidence on camera. 


Loaded with…

*Weekly live and Q & A in very private attendees only Facebook group.

*weekly professional tutorials to watch anytime that suits and introduction to Inner Circle experts that offer great services that complement your journey with online content and growing your business with video.   

$117 plus GST ( $97 plus GST for the first 20!) get in quick we have 11 on our waiting list. 

How does it work?


Each week you will get an email that will link to you to your private video tutorial with a password and updates regarding times to join in live open Question and Answers sessions with your film & video coach.

You can visit the group to watch any replays or join live so you can have any questions answered.

Each video will break down all the stages for video so you can at your own time learn all the things you need to know to get started and you can purchase our DIY FILM kit or start to purchase the tools you need for your filming either option is fine and week 2 goes over this in detail.

We also cover, how to film, build confidence and deliver well on camera we even have a few bounus edits and visits from my inner circel experts who will bring value to you and what you do in business.  

How do I book my spot?

Simply pay for your spot here on the website and your first welcome email will follow after your payment is made. 

Just $97 plus GST for the first 20 - $117 plus GST once the first 20 are taken up.

Over 10x weeks of flexible learning 


You would be hard-pressed to find many women who are more passionate about video, filming and you being a "leader" in your business and life.

Alyssa walks the talk and has been using video to create and build her own two successful agencies, one in weddings Angry Chicken Media Weddings, and one in business videos including animation, motion graphics and covered all types of events, Angry Chicken Media.

"I now have a decade of experience in filming, producing, directing, project management, talent recruitment, location scouting, studio production, on location, drone, animation projects, Speaking Coaching, and of course, RUNNING A BUSINESS AS A MUM, this is the one thing I feel sets me apart from other videographer agencies, the fact I am a woman in this industry and have grown a family over the time of running my two businesses."

No one else offers this on camera and behind the camera and covers both sides and now we have created the Online Academy course for the beginner to get all the knowledge to learn how to film and build confidence and start to emplement the skills to level up with video and stand out as a leader in what they do in there line of work.

Scroll down to join the academy and make big shifts and changes to how you show up in your business. Your a leader and video helps that message get across loud and clear. 

Creative Director, Presenter, Videographer, On camera and film Coach

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