This new area was created during the lockdown as we could no longer film in person, so we turned our support to help businesses learn to film on their mobile phone. 

We soon took on 7 clients and started to coach them each week and created a task and or edits for them and got them to work towards improving content across all business online platforms. ( Email marketing, social media, and web content) 

The coaching was more than just film editing, we soon had advice and expertise in branding, message, and learning about each business and what online challenges they had and where they needed to improve, tidy or cohesively join things up so the platforms the videos would go on would have more value and be ready for fresh and regular content. 

None of the footage seen here is professionally shot its all DIY mobile phone footage that our clients provided us so the quality of footage will vary. 

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DIY coaching on how and what to film and weekly edits package.

Covid-19 rates apply these will increase after our first 3 months.

Only $400 plus GST per month! 😲🙌📲 (That's less than $100 for a professional edit a week!)

How does it work!?

🎬 Start of the week we get on a creative meeting to discuss the video project and goals for the week ahead and how to shoot it.

🎬 After the meeting, I list what shots, images, content task, and topics are required to be filmed and sent to me.

🎬 You send me your footage and complete the requested task back in 5 days. 

🎬 We edit professional video with transitions, colour grading, music, text, and transcription and add any available content that suits.

❤❤❤ Repeat! Nothing to lose! just great regular conent and growth in your ability to use video in you business.

Gain on-camera confidence with on-camera speaking coaching and exposure for your business products or services through videos that are engaging and more effective than just live chats alone.

Use the contact form or the chatbox to set up free 20 min call to learn if this concept can help you and your business grow. 


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