YOU made it! Your ready to stand out as a leader and shut down any self talk about video being too hard. GREAT! You have come to the right place.

Now you just need to discover if you are starting out as a video beginner or want to step up to more engaging videos and new edited styles and release new edits each week?

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12-week courses  

Learn how and what to film - Select the course that suits you best and then head to our contact page to set up a free 20 session with our creative director and videographer Alyssa. (CONTACT ALYSSA) 

2x Courses on offer

"Start Rolling" - VIEW "START ROllING"


For the business owners and entrepreneurs who are starting with video for the first time, who wish to start to release an edit once a fortnight and start to learn how to turn off that negative self-talk and start to stand up as a leader.




For the business owners and entrepreneurs who are already confident to get on live videos and make content and posting is a priority in their strategies but would love someone to do the editing for them and help guide them to more ideas and concepts with video and are ready to roll out weekly videos and who want to shine as the total leader in their business.

❤❤❤ Nothing to lose! just great regular content and growth in your ability to use video in your business.

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"Start Rolling" course attendee

I have only worked with you for 3 weeks and I can’t rave about you enough to anybody who will listen . You do go above and beyond with your customer service and knowledge even when it’s not part of the service I signed up for . I love connecting with you each week and your Passion & Energy is infectious , i get off the phone feeling inspired and educated . I feel super blessed our paths have crossed , right when I needed it !!! Thankyou.”​


—  Nicole, Enerjee Wellness


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