Creative Director, Presenter, Videographer, On-Camera and Film Coach

This course is for the person who has already completed the Online Academy and has put in some practice and followed some tasks with the course.

As a leader in your business, you recognise the importance of showing up and building a presence through on-brand videography, but you’re not sure how to do it the right way.

This course does not suit someone who is in the start-up phase. Ideally, your business should already be set up with the branding, logo, and platforms, so that the videos you’ll produce will be ready to go. 

We’ll be guided by a clear, overall strategy for your videos, but each fortnight we’ll have the opportunity to work closely on how to create videos and adapt them to multiple styles. Rest easy, you won’t be expected to do a talk to the camera every week - we’ll cover a wide array of skills including gathering content from a testimonial, hosting an interview, learning about vocal-based edits, text-only edits, edits, and many more insider tricks.

One thing’s for certain – we’ll form a close bond as we collaborate closely over the 12 weeks and beyond

Life will always throw curveballs, but we’ll use this opportunity to learn about each other and embrace the challenges that come our way. With super relevant online content and videos, you can rely on me to be in your corner no matter what, supporting you as you embark on this mind-blowing journey with videography for your business. 



Louise, Pineapple Marketing and Promotions

“I love video now and really look forward to meeting up with Alyssa to learn what video challenges are next.” 


Emma, Safety Glasses Online

“I have to highly recommend these workshops to other business owners because if you are like me and don't like being in front of the camera Alyssa really helps with your confidence an explains the dos and dont's clearly and in such a positive manner”​


Nicole, Enerjee Wellness

“I can’t rave about you enough to anybody who will listen . You do go above and beyond with your customer service and knowledge even when it’s not part of the service I signed up for . I love connecting with you each week and your Passion & Energy is infectious , i get off the phone feeling inspired and educated . I feel super blessed our paths have crossed , right when I needed it !!! Thankyou.”​



Hey there, I’m Alyssa! 


I’ll start by saying that you’d be hard-pressed to find many women who are more passionate about video, filming and supporting you in becoming a "leader" in your business and life. To say I’m obsessed is an understand. 


I talk the talk and walk the talk. I’ve harnessed the power of videography to create and build my own two successful agencies - one in weddings Angry Chicken Media Weddings, and one in business videos which includes animation, motion graphics and all types of events, Angry Chicken Media.


With a decade of experience in filming, producing, directing, project management, talent recruitment, location scouting, studio production, on location, drone, animation projects, speaking coaching, and of course, RUNNING A BUSINESS AS A MUM – I’ve truly done it all.


Come with me and discover video for yourself you will evolve in more ways than one I can promise you that. 

Creative Director, Presenter, Videographer, On camera and film Coach



​Over the 12-week duration of the course, you’ll come away with 7 ready-to-go videos for your business!


HOW GOOD’S THAT?! You’ll receive regular content and expert guidance on what to create for a change, instead of constantly racking your own brain on what to share next.


The course is loaded with


*One-on-one fortnightly video creation sessions for 12 weeks. These run from 45 minutes to 1 hour long each. 

Learn from an expert videographer and creative director on how to film and be stepped through 6 main video styles that you can create with ease.

$330 Per Fortnight incl GST over 3 months (pay per fortnight) 

How does it work?


*At the beginning of each fortnight, we will catch up on the last edits, projects, tasks, exercises, and check-in.

We will talk about the weeks ahead and what's happening in your business. 

*After the meeting, I will follow up with an email listing what we’ve covered.

View the Weeks structure here 

Over 12 weeks, you get 7 quality videos and 12 weeks of learning!


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