Alyssa Strangwick along with her Husband Travis is the easy-going and passionate videographers and directors for Angry Chicken Media and other agency Angry Chicken Media Weddings.

Alyssa founded her first film business "Hospohype" in 2009, Alyssa spent the first 2 years door knocking on venue doors to offer to film for free so she could build a portfolio of filming work, Alyssa at this time was directing and presenting but not filming and was living on top of a pub scraping to make $50 a week for food she worked in hospitality when she could and had multiple promotional works in the hospitality scene. 

After leaving the name behind, and a business partner who brought not much more the table than a website Alyssa fell pregnant with her first child she asked her now-husband, Travis, to work on the business and be a partner with her, Travis brought finance, sales, and business management skills to the table and finally learning the formula to making some money and doing what she loved, she moved to direct her cameraman and coached and trained presenters as well as coached her clients to speak naturally and confidently on camera.

Alyssa had a natural ability to deliver confidently on camera and was able to use her own skills to help others find there on-camera confidence her coaching and approach is to take the anxiety out of it and just have fun and film her clients with ease.

From Microsoft, Fuso, Federation Square, even Crown Casino events to all types of styles, and industries.

From 2013 Alyssa found her passion to hold the camera and started to work as a second shooter beside her hired cameraman it wasn't long before her clients would be selecting all her shots for the edits and realized she had the talent to film she soon became a sort after business videographer and content creator this led her to offer website design, logo creation, and branding across her agency which soon found Alyssa in burn out from not managing expectations and not realizing how much time went into building websites she had to let them go and get back to her true passion to film. 

Travis and Alyssa opened Angry Chicken Media Weddings in 2017 and have become heavily booked every weekend, they still film and edit for business and social media and Alyssa now offers coaching on how to film from home and meets with her clients each week to talk about what to film, how, why and where to use these edits across the online world she also edits the videos each week so her clients have fresh content and videos to share. (Learn about DIY Coaching and Editing) 


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